Wednesday, December 04, 2013

My “Rules”

I saw a post on Casey’s Blog Everyday Adventures about her Rules or quirks that must be followed, and I figured I would post a few of my own!

1. I cannot wash pasta, once it is finished boiling it goes right into sauce, and I NEVER run water over it.

2. If it is on sale, I (mostly) must buy it! For example Piper’s Itty Bitty Skirt.

3. I do not organize as often as I should, but when I do… I cannot allow people to touch the organized items

4. My food MUST not touch, unless it was made to touch.

5. see 4, I use different bowls and plates for runny, or foods that could move.

6. I eat in order, if I start with meat I finish all the meat before eating anything else on the plate, this drives Kensei insane.


What are some of your “Rules”?

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