Monday, December 02, 2013

Black Friday Shopping!!


So I’ve never been Black Friday shopping. I guess it is the fact that I worked retail (in a mall) from the age of 16 to 20 and worked EVERY Black Friday, and saw how crazy people got, and I worked in a book store not even a big electronics or something store. It’s never really interested me to wake up at midnight and go stand in a line until 4 am and then fight my way shopping…. or it could be I never have enough money for the Black Friday Shopping to be worth it…. probably that last bit.

This year I did go shopping on Black Friday.. it was at 6 pm in the evening though. I needed some thing's from Hobby Lobby for my photography project so Kensei and I went up to the store, bought a few items and then decided to go into the Toys R Us in the same plaza, just to look around (and he wanted to see if they had a sale on the nerf guns. they didn’t) BUT they did have the light sabers cut down over 50% off, sadly all that was left were Darth Vader’s (for $15) and Darth Maul’s (for $45) I am a Jedi at heart so I was sad that they were out of the blue or green ones. Kensei and I wandered down the Star Wars isle and I was literally bouncing up and down singing, “gonna get a green light saber” over and over again. There was this couple there in the isle and they were looking at a Vader Saber and the guy looked at me and picked up the ONLY green saber left and said to the girl (in Spanish, thank goodness for the 10 years of Spanish I took) “we should get this one.” I know I turned red, and Kensei had to walk me around the store 2 times before I stopped muttering that I needed to drop kick someone, or why not punch a b in the face, and it was black Friday someone needed to punch someone might as well be me, (I’ve realized I have some Anger Issues apparently) when we got back to the Star Wars isle I decided to look on the off chance they put it back, they did but the buried it under a bunch of Vader sabers. We ended up in line behind them, the guy looked at me again and being the smart aleck I am I muttered “It’s Mine” in Spanish.

Very long story but to make up for it, here is what I did when I got home!!

I would like to apologize for the Vertical Videos, they were filmed with my phone for Instagram but I can’t figure out how to imbed instagram videos!


Kensei says he loved the fact the the "Jedi" in the family is giggling hysterically during the "Fight"


Do you Black Friday shop? Did you have anything happen this year?

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