Tuesday, December 10, 2013

12 Days of Christmas Day 2 Give or Receive?

Today’s topic is would you rather give or receive? This is not a hard one at all for me, I would definitely rather give than receive.

This post will have links to where you can go and help, or read about different ways to give this holiday season.

I also am a big believer in helping out those less fortunate then ourselves especially during the holidays.

For example I donate my change every time I go into a store with the Salvation Army Kettles out front.

I ALWAYS do the Salvation Army Angel Trees, they are at almost every mall and you can check your town/state and see, it is really easy, you pick a tag, the tag has a child’s name, age, sizes and wish list on it and you buy that child a gift.

Then there is Toys For Tots, Run by marines they give toys to children that would be going with out this holiday.

Speaking of soldiers, Operation Shoebox is something my church back in SC did every year. You fill a box up with personal care and cheer items for soldiers and mail it off, they get it while serving away from home, and know that at least one person/family is thinking of them.

And finally most churches and city's have a homeless gift bag program, where you fill up gift bags with toiletries for the homeless and they are passed out to them.

Also in the more immediate sense, I adore getting my friends and family gifts, the look on their faces when they open something that I searched for and they love warms my heart and makes my day.


What about you? Do you like to Give Or Receive?


Caitlyn said...

Another giver! I am not a big cash carrier, but I wish I used cash more often so I had change on me to give to the donation boxes. I feel weird telling them no, simply because I have no cash in my wallet.

FoN said...

I like to give. Finding the right gift or making something possible for someone else over the holidays is the best thing ever.

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