Friday, December 27, 2013

What I Got For Christmas??!


I wasn’t expecting anything for Christmas this year, from Kensei because of our trip home, SO I was SUPER surprised when I woke up on Christmas morning and was told to come out and open my Christmas gifts!!

So I did, and I found Disney Infinity!!! It was so cute, I’ve been wanting to try the game for a little while now, and I am a MAJOR Disney freak so I was super excited that he got it for me!

Then We had Doctor Who night to watch the Christmas episode of Doctor Who with some of his friends, and I made yummy Lasagna!

The next day they all took me out to see Frozen and Oh! It was sooo cute!! I was given the soundtrack right after the movie, because they knew I would feel the need to get it!

It was a cold Christmas, but no snow Sad smile

Disney Infinity- I got Ralph and Vanellope, Jack Skellington, Anna and Elsa, Mike and Sully, Rapunzel, Mr. and Mrs. Incredible, Captain Jack and Barbosa to play with!

AND so you can love the music as much as me—Idina Menzel’s version of Let It Go


and Steam Fairies' Version!!

What did you get this year???

1 comment:

Nicole said...

Sounds like you had a good christmas! You must have stolen some of our cold weather lol It was 80 here!

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