Friday, January 10, 2014

A Little Stressed Out Venting


So as most of you know I moved to Memphis to live with Kensei last November, and while things haven’t been great they are not bad at least not between him and me. My issues lately have been with his Father. Kensei’s dad lives with us, which is not what I would consider Ideal for a couple starting their relationship together, but nothing unsurpassable.

What is really bothering me lately is the fact that Kensei’s dad drinks a LOT, and his health is pretty bad. He was in the hospital in November of this year with severe cardiac arrest, and water in his lungs. The doctors told him to stop drinking so much and to limit his salt intake to 1000 mg per day.

I went out and bought several different no salt seasoning substitutes for him to try, (he hasn’t) and he disregards a lot of what they told him. This stresses out Kensei and in turn me, because when I try to say something I get yelled at.

95% (and that’s rounding down) of the time his father is plastered, and yelling. All of MY things are in a storage unit currently because his dad doesn’t want me to move anything so I can unpack. I try to cook healthy food and get yelled at and neither one of them will eat it, and I honestly don’t think my cooking is that bad, in fact M and Eri use my go to recipes to impress people and people who eat my food are always telling me to open a restaurant.

So Kensei just got a call from his fathers Cardiac doctor, saying the blood work they drew on his dad the other day is showing an excess of salt and that his kidneys are not functioning properly because of it, so I don’t know what to do, we can’t force his dad to do what he should, and short of putting him somewhere where they will take care of him (which Kensei says no too) I am out of options… what do you guys think I should do? Stay quiet and let them deal with it however they want? I really need advice here.


Night Owl said...

That's hard to say girl but if you need someone who you can vent to outside of your blog I'm here chick. just send me an email or whatever. I'm on fb and on gmail talk or whatever. I think you should talk to your man about it. but you cant make someone listen to you if they dont want to. that's like telling someone who smokes to stop cold turkey.

Nicole said...

This sounds all bad. You are doing the best you can and it seems neither of them are responding...I would say unfortunately you should keep quiet and leave them alone...Ultimately it is his life and after knowing all that he wont help himself than then it's really out of your hands. I am so sorry you have to go through all this and I really hope things get better ASAP =)

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