Thursday, January 23, 2014


I have posted my reaction to the Dove beauty campaign before, In fact I wrote an entire post on when I stopped feeling beautiful. But I do feel like even though Dove is attempting to get a good message across the base message is “Buy Dove products, that way you can be pretty too”

So The Dove “Real Beauty” campaign came out with another video, Selfie, where a bunch of highschoolers and their mothers take selfies and then those selfies are shown at a photo exhibit.

Yes, love yourself is a wonderful message. Yes the things that we don’t like about ourselves are sometimes the things that make us unique and special, BUT none of these girls really had any of their self doubt feelings helped in anyway. Oh they got nice messages at a gallery showing, no one would write mean ones because they were being recorded and they knew who the girls were, its not like the internet or instagram where anonomous people tear down girls for fun.

Dove is also trying to get popular YouTubers into the show, Mr Kate, a DIY/beauty guru on YouTube just posted a video on what she thinks #BeautyIS

It again is a nice message but still not something that actually HELPS people feel more beautiful.

And just for a little comparison, Did you know that the company that makes Dove, also makes Axe? So lets look at a few Axe commercials and see if they are showing the same #Beautyis concepts, (hint ummm nope)

Okay so some mildly risqué words but nothing too bad right? How about this one?


So what do you think about Dove’s Real Beauty campaign? Do you think the surface message is what people should be focusing on? I would love to know your opinions on the videos and messages!!!


Panacea Thomas said...

Very well written! I feel the exact same way about this campaign as you do. Its great to support beauty, and loving yourself for who you are. More people seriously need to try it but this campaign really does drive me nuts! xx

Sarah Leonard said...

It's always interesting I think when big corporations try to give off a good message as part of their ads. I think if nothing else, these ads make people think about how hard they can be on themselves. At least, that's what I think of when I watch these. An honest response though - which can't be argued with.

Raewyn @ Be A Warrior Queen said...

I wish we could focus on the surface message but really, I agree with you 100%. If we are going to truly get the message through we have to do it 100% - live and breathe that message...nota manipulate it. Unfortunately we are so consumed with media and consumerism that is rarely the case.

I do think that the surface message is good and perhaps a few decades down the road companies will truly be working on that message. I believe the people who pitched the ideas probably had the right intentions, you know?

Joanna Sormunen said...

I had no idea that Dove and Axe are from the same company. That total undermines EVERYTHING they do. I really had this amazing image of Dove and how great they were. And now YUCK!

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