Sunday, January 19, 2014

Because I have the attention span of a child.


I go to conventions a lot with Kensei. He and I are members of a Memphis based steampunk group called The Clockwork Mechanalists. It is a pretty fun group and so we go to most of the conventions to represent it and to hang out, Plus Kensei works at one convention called Anime Blues and every January they have a small one day convention called Anime Blues Remix

This year we went to the remix. It was pretty fun and we saw some nice cosplays This is Captain Robert of the Midsouth Buccaneers and Our captain of the Clockwork Mechanalists. and a VERY nicely done Wind up Clockwork doll!! Plus because I am a child at heart I played Pokémon X, and then I got the CUTEST Necomimi Ears... They move!!

So what did you do this weekend???

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