Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Changes in Life

So this year was a lot of big changes for me. I moved to Memphis, started a new university, am living with Kensei and his dad, a lot of new things.

I am grateful for all the positive changes in my life, I really am, but I feel lost and alone honestly.

I keep wanting to unpack my boxes and make Kensei’s house feel like my own, but I can’t. There really isn’t any space for my things, and all of the areas where I could make space are covered with his fathers and mother’s belongings, and I am told not to touch them.

I don’t have any friends here that I can hang out with, and it stresses me out. I know I am just having a pity party but  I don’t know how to make things better. Any advice?Screenshot_2013-10-16-01-59-54Screenshot_2013-10-16-01-57-56

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