Friday, October 18, 2013

The Autumn Tag

Emily at love woke me up this morning had this tag on her blog today, and well I decided to borrow it! Let me know if any of you do it too.


The Autumn Tag 

1. Favorite thing about it?

The fact that it gets cool outside, the smells in the air, BBQs, grills cooking burgers and hotdogs, fires in people’s fireplaces, the crunchy leaves and of course Halloween.

2. Favorite drink?

I am an odd duck in this one. I LOVE Apple Cider, but not apple juice, I know that this is probably referring to Starbucks I love their Caramel Apple Spice in either cold or hot form. It is on their kid’s menu and tastes like a drinkable Apple Pie!!

3. Favorite scent/candle?

Leaves from Bath and Body Works although right now I am Burning Cranberry Woods and it smells yummy too!

4. Best lipstick?

I usually use my Revlon Kissable Balm Stain in Crush, it’s a pretty berry stain.

5. Go to moisturizer?

I don't really pay that much attention to moisturizer, for my face I stick with whatever I am using currently and body I’m using a random Sally’s lotion right now.

6. Go to colors for the eyes?
Greens, Gold's and Coppers !

7. Favorite music or band/singer to listen to?

Currently listening to Teen Beach Movie Soundtrack, Cher Lloyd and Selena Gomez

8. Favorite outfit to wear (i.e. boots & a scarf combo)?

boots and a fluffy scarf, jeans and a short sleeved top


9. Autumn treat?

ALL OF THE CANDY!!!! or anything Apple, or Caramel.

10. Favorite place to be?

I miss Autumn in NY but so far TN isn’t too bad

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LetsTalkAndWalk said...

where in tennessee are you?

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