Sunday, January 18, 2009

First Post.

Well I am not actually the best at beginning and I cannot promise to update faithfully, but I will try. I suppose I should start this off with a little about me:

The Basic's
Name: Is not Angel but I am one of those fanatics that refuse to leave real names online, so I use a nickname
Age: Currently I am 22 years old
Status: As if you couldn't tell College Student and Worker in everyday Life
Kids? None yet but I want them
Married? not yet
Brown Hair
Hazel Eyes
not the cutest in the bunch.

If you read this and have any other Questions you want answered just comment and I will add them!

Okay now on to life:

Happy New Year (Late), Spring Semester just started and already I am having problems with financial aid. They took away my loan and so I have no actual funds to pay for classes or to by books, and I only have until the 24th to buy the books. Other than that Classes should be great I have a teacher that is a cross of Dr Cox from Scrubs and House from House, looking forward to his class the most.

Friends: I will never use anyone's real names but after a while you should be able to recognize their nicknames

M is one of my best friends at school, She is funny and full of life, not the best student but she's an absolute gas to hang around with. We are currently on her 6th boyfriend this month (yes I know the month just started) and her Second Fiancee. She says she will be flying to Japan to be married in March. I am her maid of honor so we will see if I can go. Hope for me!!

Kensei is my fiancee, we have been dateing for almost eight years now, you will here lots of things about him.

If you had asked me in High school what I would be doing five years after graduation I never would have guessed that this is where I'd be. My Dreams then were to be married, with kids, and a career either as an Actress or a Fashion Photographer, my how things change. In Reality I am a front desk clerk at a chain hotel, still getting my Associates degree, and fighting with my friends over little things.

That is it for now, nothing really interesting has happened to me today

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Wow. Poor M. You really DID make her out to be a slut, huh? lol

And, yeah... I have a question. Do you actually think you're getting away with moving to Memphis to be with this supposed evil Kensei character, hmm? I think not.

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