Saturday, January 31, 2009

Saturday Memes

Saturday Social #38 AND #39!

Since I Saturday Social Rules:

  • Post your answer to the Saturday Social
    Publish Post
    l question(s) in your blog. Be sure to put in a link to this entry and the blogger who tagged you too!
  • Come back, sign Mr. Linky and why not leave me a comment too ;)
  • Tag your friends... better yet, tag a stranger (what better way to meet someone new!) You can tag 1 or 100, it is up to you. The more you tag, the more you will meet.
  • Visit other Saturday Social participants by clicking their names in Mr. Linky!
Today's Saturday Social Question:

completely forgot to ask a question this week, I will ask 2 this week. What type of computer do you have (laptop or desktop)? And, what is your favorite tv show?

I Have both I use the laptop for school work and games and the desktop for music. Oooh TV shows... well my current favorite is Psych but my favorite shows change almost weekly because I will find another one to watch when I am at work

The Saturday Special

~One Word To Start A Sentence Or Statement~
~Fill In The Blanks~

1. She Has lost her EVERLIVING MIND!!.

2. He is definitely happy about something.

3. We are going out tonight!! I just don't know where or when.

4. They think they are sooo much better than us because they are all into the game thing!

Saturday Six!

1. What is more important to you: your relationship with yourself or your relationship with those who are close to you? my relationship with those closest with me

2. Which of the above do you tend to have the least problem cultivating? I tend to make friends easy but I never know if they are true friends until its too late if they aren't/

3. Something goes wrong in your life. Of the people you are most likely to turn to, are they the same gender as you or the opposite? Well friend wise same gender but I would also talk to Kensei and he is a different gender.

4. Something goes wrong in a close friend’s life and you’re the person that friend chooses to call first. Is that person likely to be the same gender as you or the opposite? Same, I have more female friends than male.

5. Take the quiz: What Makes You a Good Friend?

You Are a Good Friend Because You're Honest

Like it or not, your friends are going to hear the truth from you.

You know that the truth hurts, but living a life of lies is much worse.

So while you're definitely kind and supportive, you don't pull any punches with your friends.

Everyone knows where they stand with you. And what you like and dislike about them.

While some may be initially turned off by your honesty, your friends have come to consider it a virtue.

After all, in world of white lies and deceptive politeness, you can be counted on for honesty and integrity.

Your friends need you most when: They need good advice or an intelligent opinion

You really can't be friends with: Needy, emotional people

Your friendship quote: "True friendship can afford true knowledge. It does not depend on darkness and ignorance."

6. What single trait listed in the response to question #5 would your closest friend most agree with?

She would agree that I am honest but I tend to help out a lot.

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