Sunday, January 18, 2009

Resolutions and Goodbyes

Well its a new year and a time for change: this means its time for getting rid of the stuff that clutters up your life and Resolutions!

I have Problems with this, I make them and I never seem to keep them no matter what I do something in my lack of will power stops me from completing the resolutions for more than a month at the absolute most. So here goes with this years:

1st, to get into shape I am not in shape and I always say I will but never do, so hopefully This year i will try harder

2nd, in accordance with number 1 I am going to bring food from home to school and work, so that I am not always buying fast food.

3rd, get better grades in school, I have added a second major so I will have extra work and I need to make sure i generally stay about C or B level in my classes, as I have fallen behind the past few years.

4th, relax more, between work, school and stress I haven't been very relaxed lately, I want to be able to go out with female friends to have like a spa day at least once a month, no matter what!

5th, SAVE MONEY!!! I am doing a COMPLETE budget redo this year I want to be able to have enough money at this time next year to be able to move to TN to get an apartment near Kensei. This means cutting down on shopping, not buying things if I don't need them and not spending money on mooching friends....

Which brings us to the SECOND point, Cutting off the excess clutter:

I am not talking just about organization and throwing away old junk. I am also talking about the friends who ask you to help pay for their cribs and when you offer twenty-five dollars go out and buy a hundred dollar crib and then call you the next day and ask for the money. Not only is that not cool it is annoying as well. As some of those who know me know, I have a tendency to be unable to say no.
I also have a pileup of Fair Weather Friends, you know those friends who are there when things are good and when they can get something for themselves, but not when things are not about and/or revolving around them.
I have a rather alarming tendency to agree to do anything and buy anything and well do anything if you can give me enough of a sob story that it tugs on my heartstrings, or else you put a kid in my arms.
Well I have decided that one of my new years resolutions is going to be to not be such a soft touch, a bleeding heart, a well whatever you want to call it. Now I'm not sure how this is going to work with my family but with my friends that's it.
I'm going cold turkey.
I've already taken the first step by removing the phone numbers and Screen Name's of people who tend to do that to me, in addition I think that perhaps as part of my self therapy what I would normally have spent on things for those fair weather friends, will be to try to save as much as possible.
Now I know that this move is a little out of character for me but I have been thinking about things a lot lately and I am sick and tired of being the one that people push around and walk over.

I think that this decision was influenced mostly because of Ash the FWF in the above rant called to ask me for the hundred and ninety dollars I was actually going to give it to her, I just asked her for a few weeks to budget it out of my paycheck, now she doesn't pay rent, has an active and away in the military husband is getting separation, family and hazard pay from him, live in her father-in-law's house and doesn't work. I asked for two weeks to budget and she deletes me from her my space??? Now I will admit to not being the most mature person in the world but that's a little too second grade even for me, so She is the inspiration behind the second half of this resolution.



Anonymous said...

Oh manners... lol PLPN, we so failed at your first resolution here. As well as the second and ya know what? The third, too. =/ I don't think you have the fourth down yet, either. But not to worry... We'll get there eventually. Well, not if you do actually move to Memphis. Then you'll fail because you won't have my help. Ever think of that? Huh, huh, huh!

Night Owl said...

well that was just plain rude. Yea I take it that was the enemy herself.

Anywho girl....there's no sense in having fair weather friends. deleting someone from myspace or any kind of social media b/c 2 weeks isnt what she wanted to hear. well shows how mature she is and what kind of person she really is.

I'm sorry but i could never ask anyone for any kind of money. no matter how broke I am.

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