Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Random Tuesday Thoughts: Snow Days


Today was a Snow Day for everyone in Columbia SC BUT my school. We only had a delay until 10. My Siblings J & J had no school, The District called at 5pm yesterday afternoon to let us know that under NO circumstances would they have school today. I go to work and at two o'clock in the morning the college web-site FINALLY updates with "Classes will be delayed until 10 am" Now I am Sure this was a great Idea because some people don't get off work at 7:30 in the morning and drive to the school parking lot and sleep until class at 10, some people only have one class that is at 8 and are happy to stay home and sleep, not me! I went to the parking lot and parked between the lines (there's another topic i will get to in a few moments) pulled out my pillow and blanket (I have a fluffier and warmer one that i put in the car for tomorrow) and went to sleep until 10.

Why do people INSIST on commenting on others parking jobs?? As I said I got to school at 7:45ish in the morning. So I pulled into the parking space and got out to make sure I was between the lines, I was, I was leaning a little close to one side, but still between the lines. Went into the back seat and went to sleep. I woke up at ten and there was a note stuck in my driver's side door, not from campu police, but from another student, Who could have knocked on the window as I was CLEARLY in the back seat asleep and said this to my face. "Thanks so much! Parking is a premium here and you need to go back and learn how. B****" When I read said note, I looked again at my parking, car hadn't moved I was still between the lines, and this colored my day.

On a more random note I've lived in NY, and Ohio, I've lived in UPSTATE NY, Buffalo, Rochester places like that, this was not a snow day! My relatives up there would have flipped if they heard the cancellations for the Tiny bit of snow.

On a Random Side note did you know the weather channel says it is warmer in Alaska than in Columbia this past weekend, it was 32 degrees in Alaska when it was 10 degrees in Columbia! How messed up is that??

Kensei and I were talking about about the fact that I need a new job, I work at a hotel, so I work three shifts, I am here from 11 pm-7 am, or 3pm-11pm or 7am-3pm. I have no set sleep schedule, and Kensei poor thing that he is stays up to talk to me on the phone when I work the Audit shift, but he goes to work at six am, so It's not practical for him either.

next thought, in History class today we learned about Ransom Olds, The original creator of the Oldsmobile. I think the name Ransom is really cute, we don't use old fashioned names like that anymore, I think I will see if Kensei will go for naming our first son Ransom.

so I think this is all I can think about now, so my ramblings are done!


Keely said...

Wow - rude enough to call you names but not rude enough to wake you up? People are weird.

Sorry I'm so slow in visiting!

Anonymous said...

Dude! Don't you hate how every fricken school BUT ours gets out for a snow day? And just so you know, if it's too cold, it won't snow. It has to be around a good 30-40 degrees to snow.

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