Thursday, January 22, 2009

Thursday Thirteen

Well I am new at these so here is my First Thursday 13

Thirteen Places I Want to Visit:

1: Italy- I have relatives still living there and I want to go to Rome, and make a Wish in

the Fountains
2: Japan-To buy Anime, nuf said
3: NYC- Broadway, Shopping, the MET, Heaven for me
4: Greece: a summer on a lovely Island like those...
5: Australia: I want to go Diving in the reefs
6: Scotland: just to see the highlands once
7: Ireland: to see if it looks like what I've dreamed of
8: Switzerland: during winter, I love snow
9: Spain: to see the dancers and summer
10: England: just for fun

11: austria: Where Sound Of Music was

12: Germany: Castles

13: China: Great Wall

Take a Look at some others!



marcia@joyismygoal said...

me too all of them 8 would be first i am going to NYC in April

Anonymous said...

Hell nah, girl! You've got it all wrong. We're not going to Scotland and Ireland just to see the highlands and to tell if it's like what we've imagined... WE'RE GOING FOR THE SEXY MEN WE READ ABOUT!

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