Saturday, January 24, 2009

My First Interview!!!!!

I am SO Happy! I got my first interview from another blogger! So I am going to concentrate and answer these with complete honesty!

1) What is the best part of your college experience so far?
The best part of my college experience so far is getting to go on Field studies. I am a Psychology major and minoring in photography, so I get to do it for both of them. I enjoy sitting in on sessions and learning new ways that I can do things if I ever get to open my own practice.

2) If you had $1000 to spend on random acts of kindness, how would you spend it?
I am actually my nature a very giving person, if I had $1000 I would probably do something like give waitress's $100 tips and stand in the Parking Lot at Wal-Mart and if I saw someone being nice I would give them $100, I would give away money to mom's and dad's too just because the economy is so bad and I have seen my family struggle.

3) What is the staple food of your diet?
Because I am being honest here, Roman noodles and Peanut Butter. I have learned how to make some wonderful meals with roman noodles, and they are cheap. If I were still unlimited (as in my mom and dad still bought my food) I would say my staple food would be Pasta. I'm an Italian girl so I feel the best when I'm eating pasta of any kind.

4) Would you move to another country if you would have the job of your dreams, even if it meant not ever coming home? Why do you say that?
Would I get to take anyone with me? I would have to say yes, depending on the country. I wouldn't want to move to the more war-torn places, because I am not a very lucky person so I would most likely come back in a bad way. If I could take Kensei with me I think I could handle it because at least I'd have someone, and then I'm optimistic that I could convince my family to visit me at the very least. I would be hard though, I would probably have to weigh the pros and cons of the decision first.

5) What makes you most proud of yourself?
I am most proud of the fact that I am going to school. My Dad told me when I told him I was going that they wouldn't pay for anything. I think it was mostly because growing up I was not a very studious person, I would prefer to read a book, or watch TV rather than study. So I am proud that I only have one more semester after this one for my first degree and that I plan on continuing on after that! I think that it shows I've grown up and become more mature and that makes me proud.

If you want me to give you one of these let me know!


Kwizgiver said...

Really interesting answers. I hope you enjoyed the interview!

Anonymous said...

I'm mostly proud of myself for going to school, too. I want an interview. How do I get an interview. *whines*

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