Saturday, January 31, 2009

Writer's Workshop!

Thanks to Mama Kat

Now This will offend some people I know but I want to point out that I love my mother and we generally have a pretty good relationship she just bothers me with somethings and this topic seemed to fit today. So here goes:

4.) Write a letter to someone who bothered you this week.

Dear Mama,

Why do you feel the need to involve me in everything? I understand that you love me and that you want my advice but there are so many things that you tell me I don't want to know. Why do you have to hurt Daddy and make our family life so much worse? Why didn't you guys just get divorced when I was four like you have told me every year from that time on that you were? I mean I am glad you didn't because if you had I wouldn't have Jujube and Air force for siblings, but wouldn't the world have been easier if you had? Why do you quit your job every four months and move to another one? I know that it is not just perhaps a midlife crisis because you have done it ever since I was a baby. And you always leave on bad terms, you quit with out notice and make yourself look bad. Why mom why? Then you "clean your law offices" in Atlanta, do you honestly think we don't know you are going to see your boyfriend? You take money to go there and never bring any back, its not right! You tell me all about the things you do with D*ck and then you make me promise to be quiet and not say anything to Daddy even if he asks. D*** is married too, why are you both tearing your families apart when you have told me you really don't love him he's just a good lay? You take the money from Daddy's account that he is using to pay the mortgage and then get mad when he asks you about it, we have moved six times in the past two years because we have lost our houses, why do you do this to our family? And I think what scares me the most is you used to talk about Papa doing this taking you to meet his girlfriends while Grandma stayed home and cried, you are doing the same thing to me. Am I going to turn out like you? I love you mom but I don't want to do the things you do, and it seems to me that they might be inherited. Am I going to wake up 20 years from now and find myself telling my daughter about my boyfried while her father and I fight? I don't want that mom. I have your eyes and your hair and your temper I don't want anything else of yours to.

Always your daughter



Lisa said...

Wow! I'm assuming that this is something you would actually like to say to your mother. My throat closed up like it does when I am holding back tears and feeling very emotional. Would you ever actually give this letter to your Mom? You are an insightful, brave and eloquent writer.
Lisa (ICLW #100)

Anonymous said...

=( *hugs you tightly* I know a little what you mean, but not to that extent. But I'm here for you if you ever need to talk about it. Well, I'm here in SC for you. You'll have to call if you want to talk about it when you're in Memphis.. you know, when you leave me. But I loves you!

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