Saturday, January 31, 2009

The Simple Woman's Daybook

Here's how to take part:

1. Write up and publish your journal page using the questions/picture ideas I have listed below into your blog entry. Be as descriptive as you can! (You may cut and paste them for the purpose to participate in The Simple Woman's Daybook.) Please add your"picture thought" photo at the end of your daybook entry because all we love pictures!


FOR TODAY January 31st 2009...
Outside my window Is a day that looks WAY Warmer than it is, blue cloudless sky bright sun and a happy 40 degrees

I am thinking that I should really try to get a raise at work!

I am thankful for Kensei and my Family who I love VERY much

From the kitchen I made a REALLY good beef stew for my family when my mom went to Atlanta I had them all over to my appartment and made food. it was good even though I made it so my dad could eat too and it was gluten, sodium, and free from just about everything else!

I am wearing My uniform for work, white button down shirt and black pants with sneakers (they are pink!)

I am creating nothing right now

I am going to go out tonight and relax with a friend I havn't seen in a long time.

I am reading any romance novel I can get from yard, garage sales and thrift stores.

I am hoping things will work out with my family soon

I am hearing The washer and dryer in the laundry room and cars on the expressway

Around the house is a mess, I haven't finished unpacking anything and then i don't have a lot of storage space so I think that I won't finish.

One of my favorite things lying on the floor with a good book.

A few plans for the rest of the week Do some papers and work.

Here is picture thought I am sharing I don't have a picture right now because i am not on my computer.


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Lisa said...

Good answers, interesting.

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