Monday, January 19, 2009

Going out of Business

Do You want to know one of the worst things about staying in your hometown for college during a Recession/Depression what ever they are calling it these days? Watching your high school jobs close down.

my town is not a busy town, in fact even though it is the capital of SC we don't get much traffic here, I mean honestly who wants to travel to see the capital of SC when there are so many other more interesting places to visit? The most business that most places around here get is Thursday, Friday and Saturday because we do have FT. Jackson which is a training base for the Army, so they graduate once a week on Thursdays. then you have the high school kids on fridays and saturdays. but thats it. Even my job at a hotel we are lucky to have seven rooms on days between sunday and wensday.

I went to the mall I lived in during highschool, I worked there, I played there, I shoped there, I made friends there. The bookstore I used to work aat has signs all over it saying going out of business, the food court has almost everything shut down, macy's is closeing. the halls are so quiet and empty you can have a go cart track on the first floor and roller skate on the second. The clerks all stand and watch as no one walks by. It's sad.

I remember reading about The Great Depression in high school how we laughed about people who used to have high jobs in sales being lowered to apple sellers, as I look around I can see the managers and people who have worked their jobs for upwards of 20 years in aprons on the corner calling out about apples, and hot peanuts. maybe it is my iminagation over reacting, it wouldn't be the first time, but I have this feeling in the pit of my stomach that maybe its not, and maybe this is all real... and if it is where do I stand? Am I an Apple Seller or a newspaper girl? Do I even have a future job? These things go through my mind as I walk the empty hallways and see the employee's faces light up just until they realise I am not buying anything and they fall again.


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Anonymous said...

Yeah, we all get it: SC sucks. But Charleston is pretty awesome.

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