Saturday, December 20, 2014

Review Extravaganza 2014 Part 1!!!




I talked about my reaction to the #BeautyIs campaign and how even though I like the message I don’t personally see a difference that the company is doing.

I did my 1st ever photo an hour!! I need to do more of these!

I talked about my child like attention span and posting some cosplay images from the Anime Blue Remix!

I had a little vent about the health of Kensei’s dad. (who is doing MUCH better now)

I posted my first Angel Reads of the year!

I’m the Kinda Girl Who

I celebrated Love Your Pet day!

I vented about my job .

I recapped all the books I read in January

I talked about some of my fears for Lung Leaving Day.

I participated in the Big 20/20 event and posted my recipe on Homemade Chicken Pad Thai with a twist!

I talked about my dream wedding and ball gowns,

Made my March Goals,



I love doing these recaps!! 

1 comment:

Emmy said...

LOVE the photo an hour idea! Totally going to do that sometime next year.

Glad you are recapping with us!

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