Monday, December 22, 2014

Review Extravaganza 2014 Part 3 July, August and September!!


I talked about what I was going to watch for the Fourth of July!

I FINALLY Did the review on my Jawbone Up Activity bracelet.

I talked about my opinion on #BanBossy and #LikeAGirl

I posted my Books N Bloggers recap!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE That swap!!

I posted 10 songs that make me happy.

I asked everyone’s opinion on which dress I should wear to the wedding

#coetzeelyonwedding #coetzeelyon my family together!!! #Family

A photo posted by Jacquie G (@starri09) on

This is the one I picked!!



I did the 10 Random Song Shuffle,

I Got my blog completely redesigned and I LOVE IT still. (also changed the name and url)

Went to M’s Wedding!!

Shared what is in my Purse!

September is my favorite month because it is my BIRTHDAY month!!

I shared my most prized possession.

I participated in #GYSTS14

Posted my September Goals.


P!nky said...

I got a blog redo in the summer too. Aren't they fun?

Love that dress, very pretty! Stopping by from the recap linkup!

Emmy said...

I am so wanting to re-do my blog.. I half want to make the jump to wordpress but admit I am a bit afraid to do so, I just know blogger so well.

The dress you picked is so pretty

Thanks for recapping!

Nicole said...

Love the dress. And the blog design is very good. Sometimes it is hard to change your blog name/url but I did it this year too and it seems to suit me better, hopefully the same is said about yours!!

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